Weaning Update

I just wanted to share a weaning update, since it’s been awhile since our last one.  My nipple tenderness from being pregnant was still making me squirm every single time Jake would latch on, so one night I asked him if he wanted a cup instead because mommy’s milk-milks had boo-boos.  He was very worried about them, so he agreed to just take a cup with some water that night, and asked for a cup instead the next night too.  On the following night, he once again asked to nurse, and I said yes.  So that pattern kind of continued, and Jake had gotten down to only asking to nurse to sleep every 2-3 nights and he would just nurse for a few minutes and then roll over and go to sleep.  Other nights he would ask for a cup sometimes, but not usually.  

After a few weeks (maybe 2?) of the every couple of nights routine, he had asked to go spend the night with my parents (his first night ever away from mama!!).  He did great and didn’t ask for milk at all!  Then, after he came home, he didn’t ask either…  Sometimes still he will ask if he can hold the milk-milks, which is fine with me for now.  But he doesn’t really request to nurse.  

It’s bittersweet, but honestly, probably good timing since he is almost 2 1/2 and our new little one will be arriving in a few months. I probably miss it more than him, because it was so easy to get him calm and get him to sleep when we were nursing.  And I miss that my baby isn’t such a baby anymore.  But, overall, we are both doing fine.  No engorgement or anything like that for me, which I hadn’t expected since our nursing had been gradually decreasing for some time.  Also, the breast and nipple tenderness that showed up with pregnancy is less aggravated, although still present, since we’ve stopped nursing.  My hubs is happy that Jake is done nursing, because he was really worried about how Jake would handle the baby needing to nurse all the time when Jake wanted to also.  

So, now I have officially nursed (and weaned!) a child for 28 months!

The M-Word

I think to be a mommy blogger, you are pretty much required to learn to shoot in manual on your camera.  I’m so fancy that I don’t even own a camera with a manual mode.  My parents have a bridge camera (the happy medium between a point-and-shoot and a DSLR) that they never use, so I’m borrowing it to try to learn on to decide if I want to invest the cash.

I’ve read a ton of information on the Internet about how to shoot in manual.  While I don’t want to over-simplify the intricacies, it basically comes down to 3 components that need to be in balance – ISO, shutter speed, and f-stops (aka aperture).  ISO is how much light you are letting in, shutter speed is how long your shutter is open, and f-stops deal with how much of your camera is in focus.  All of these components work together to produce your photograph, so balance is key.

But… There is one quick, easy tip that I found that has made shooting in manual so much easier for me!  Want to know the secret?

The light meter.  It’s the little line at the bottom of your camera screen that the arrow is pointing to above.

You can adjust one of the key 3, and by checking the light meter, you’ll know how to adjust the other 2!  For example, I’m usually photographing a toddler, so my priority is usually a fast shutter speed.  That moves me lower down the light meter, so I have to compensate by having more lighting or by cranking up the ISO.  Basically, to get a decent shot, you want your light meter at around 0.  The negative side will produce dark photos, while the positive side will look washed out.  

In the photo above, I took a picture of my camera screen with my cell phone.  You can see the ticker in my light meter is all the way to the negative side.  This is because I was inside, it was night time (no natural lighting), and I didn’t have my ISO turned up or my shutter speed turned down.  If I had taken a photo with my camera in that environment without adjusting my settings, the resulting photo would have been very dark.  My photos are still not “DSLR quality,” in my opinion, because it isn’t a DSLR camera, but you can get a pretty decent picture on manual mode with a bridge camera.

And, don’t forget, practice makes perfect!  I have learned a lot by just being willing to play around with the camera!

TTC #2

I can hardly believe that my sweet baby’s second birthday is right around the corner.  We will be so busy with the holidays that the time will seem to pass even faster.  That being said, we have decided to try for another child.  We both want a few more children, but we will be perfectly happy and whole if J is our one and only.

We haven’t done anything to prevent having another child since J was born, but with extended breastfeeding, I didn’t have a cycle for a long time (about 16 months, I believe), and I haven’t taken any OPKs to see if I’m actually ovulating now.  We just felt like we would put the timing in God’s hands.

However, I feel like once you decide to try, there’s a whole new element of pressure and disappointment.  Each time your body doesn’t do what you want it to, you can’t help but feel a twinge of frustration.  I don’t know how the PCOS will come into play this go around, but I’m going to really try to not let it get me down.

I have just been praying that if it is God’s will, then we will have more kids.  If not, I’m so very blessed by the one I have already!

Our Home Decor for Fall

Our Fall Decor

I just wanted to do a quick post of some fall decorating that I’ve started around here.  I’m not great at decorating.  I know what I like and don’t like, but I have a hard time putting things together to create a look, so try not to tease me too much!

DSCF4690 DSCF4692

The tree in the center we keep up all year.  I have a thing for trees.  The larger pumpkin is an oil warmer that I got at my baby shower.  The little pumpkins are actually salt and pepper shakers that I got on clearance!


DSCF4697 DSCF4698

These pictures speak to my love of sparkle!  Both the little bugs are sparkly, and the cornucopias are filled with tiny gourds that I covered in glitter.

DSCF4703 DSCF4706

In the kitchen, we have a chalkboard sign and a cute little turkey…


And on the front door, a DIY wreath from my mom!

Hope that has put you in the mood for the season.  Happy Fall, Y’all!

Anchored – On Sale!!

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I wrote a few weeks back about how much I enjoyed reading Anchored by Kayla Aimee. Well, it’s now on a flash sale for Kindle for just 99 cents!!!  Check it out Anchored: Finding Hope in the Unexpected!!

Happy Breastfeeding Week!

Motherhood changed you in ways you cannot anticipate.  When I was pregnant, I knew I wanted to breastfeed, because, well, “breast is best” and all that.  I have a science/medical background.  I knew breastfeeding is healthy and beneficial for baby and mama.  But I never knew the way breastfeeding would shape me as a mom.  I never knew that it would make me love and appreciate my body for what it was created to do.  I never knew it would give me a parenting tool to ease pain, sadness, and sickness.  I didn’t know it would force me to pick up some much needed healthy habits that I had been neglecting (like eating better and drinking enough water).  

I never knew breastfeeding would be my superpower, but it is.  Just call me SuperMom.

18 Month Update

We haven’t had our 18 month checkup yet, but I still have plenty to report.  J is growing so much and he is learning so much; it’s really beautiful to watch.  It seems like he is learning a new word every other day.  He knows more animal sounds (“moo”), the word animals (“ah-mals), and the color blue (“boo”), which he will happily point out upon request.  He says and understand the difference is yes and no.  He also has some funny expressions (“wow,” “whoa,” “dude,” and “really” which sounds ,more like “ree-ree?”).  He calls both of his grandmothers “maw-maw” (one is g-maw, the other is memaw), and affectionately calls his daddy “da-da-dude.”  He says doodle (“dooduh”), which is a nickname his aunt calls him.  He also says noozle (“noozah”), which is what we call rubbing our noses together.  He requests apples (“ah-pools”), and going swimming (“pool!”) often.

He likes climbing on everything and running everywhere.  He is a ball of energy, but his disposition is usually very good.  He’s very kind and loving.  He loves to be a helper, whether it’s doing dishes, laundry, or making the bed.  He has gotten time out a few times for throwing his food, so we are working on that, but overall, he’s an easy going kid.  Being his mom is a joy and a privilege.

Anchored: A Book Review


This post contains affiliate links.

If you love a good Southern mommy blog (and I hope you do , if you’re here), then Kayla Aimee’s would be one you would love.  She writes all about her life as a mom to her micro-preemie-turned-sassy-toddler Scarlette, and her writing is like talking to a friend.  She just released her first book last week, a memoir of her family’s uncertain time in the NICU following Scarlette’s birth, and how that time has shaped her and her understanding of her faith.  It is not only a beautiful story of a mother’s love, told through both tears and laughter.  It is also the story of a Father’s love for his children, and His constant presence in our lives, through good times and bad.  I remember when I became a mother, the biggest epiphany I had was my greater understanding of God’s love for me mirrored in my love for my own child.  I feel like that’s something Kayla writes about too.  AND…it’s on sale through Amazon right now! Pick up a copy <a href=”here