The Weekly Bump – Week 12 (and then some)

Let’s start with a genuine apology.  I really meant to write at the very least my weekly updates and my Sunday bible verses for the past few weeks.  I’m sorry I vanished on you for a while.  As it turns out, occasionally pregnancy is not a beautiful, glow-worthy thing.  It is a severe-vomit-inducing, borderline-dehydrated, puke-in-your-hair, hot mess.  I am, of course, still thrilled to be pregnant, I’m just saying it’s not exactly all roses all the time.  Now that I’m getting ever-closer to the second trimester, I’m hoping the sickness will wane.

In addition to all that fun, our house has turned into a wildlife retreat.  We have had 2 mice and a snake get in our house in the past 2 weeks.  It’s been awful.  And disgusting.  Also, did I mention that my husband literally has a snake phobia after he got bit by a water moccasin when he was a kid and almost DIED?  Yeah.  We did eventually catch all the critters, but it was a rough few days.

Anyway, at our last doctor’s appointment, we found out we were measuring about 10 days behind our original due date.  We are now due on January 20, 2014.  Our next appointment is this coming Monday, which is also the day we turn 13 weeks.  We have not bought any baby items yet, but we do own ONE children’s book, which I read out loud to our baby a lot of nights.  It’s a cute little story about monsters under the bed.  Sometimes, we also read a chapter from The Hunger Games, because that ‘s on my Kindle and I like the series.  I plan on starting the Harry Potter series at some point, but several of my Harry Potter books are at my parents house with my younger sisters.

And now, on to the fun stuff…

How far along? 12 weeks, 5 days.

Total weight gain/loss: Still at ZERO pounds gained since beginning of pregnancy.  At first, I was really concerned about that, but I’m sure that once the morning sickness passes and the baby starts to grow at a faster rate, I’ll gain enough weight to make up for it.  Also, if I’m being perfectly honest, I was about 10 pounds overweight when I got pregnant anyway, so I don’t think the doctor is concerned either.


Maternity clothes? Still a no, but I’m thinking it will be soon.  I’ve definitely popped out.  I still have a few pairs of pants that fit okay for work, and I’m making it work for a little longer.

Stretch marks? Nope.

Best moment this week: We have been having a tough couple of weeks, so anytime I’m not sick is a good moment for me.


Miss anything: I really wanted to have a raspberry margarita with my husband this week.

Movement: Not yet, but I lay in bed at night trying very hard to feel the baby wiggling around in there.


Food cravings: I’m not sure if anything is really a craving right now – I regret pretty much everything I put in my mouth.  Peanut-butter cheese crackers are pretty good, though.


Anything making you queasy or sick: … Everything.


Have you started to show yet: I guess so.  I still don’t think it’s very noticeable, but a customer of mine asked if I was expecting, so I guess I must have a little bump.


Gender: I still say boy, but, of course, we will be thrilled no matter what.


Labor Signs: None yet, thank goodness!

Sleep: I want to sleep through the night SO BADLY.  I must wake up to pee twice a night.  I think it’s because I’m trying really hard to stay hydrated.  I try to stop drinking a little before bedtime, but I still get up EVERY single night.


Symptoms: Lots of nausea and vomiting, and a little cramping.  I’m super tired still.


Belly Button in or out? In.

Wedding rings on or off? On.


Happy or Moody most of the time: I’ve been a little moody the past few weeks.  I’m kind of a baby when I’m sick, so I know I haven’t been easy to live with.


Looking forward to: Our next ultrasound, the beginning of the second trimester, and starting to buy baby stuff!

And as a thank you for sticking it out with me, my darling peanut…

Tiny arms and legs!

Tiny arms and legs!


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