Our Birth Story – Part 1

I think there is something universal about moms wanting to share their birth stories – the good, the bad, the ugly.  Here is ours.

I had decided very early in my pregnancy that we did not want to be induced.  I wanted to birth as naturally as possible, but I was open to the idea that I may change my mind regarding pain relief during labor, and I was okay with that.  But when I hit week 37, I was DONE being pregnant.  Of course, I wanted little man to continue growing and be born healthy, but it was at that visit that I went ahead and asked about induction.  The end of my pregnancy was hard because of my work.  In addition to the fact that I had to work a 14 hour shift once a week, the fact that my job was pretty much forcing me out the door at 39 weeks , whether he was here or not, really contributed to wanting to be induced.  I had a limited amount of maternity leave, and wanted to actually spend it with my baby, as opposed to sitting on the couch waiting for him to get here.  Also, toward the end of my pregnancy, I developed some pretty intense anxiety issues.  I have a history of anxiety problems, and have even been medicated in the past, but managed during my pregnancy with no medical intervention.  However, as the last few weeks of my pregnancy dragged on, the anxiety (and even some mommy guilt) really started to wear on me.  My OB really felt like it was in the best interest of both myself and the baby to go ahead and schedule our induction for 39 weeks.

In the meantime, we started trying everything to help me go into labor naturally.  My mama and my mother-in-law had experienced both natural and induced labors, and both whole-heartedly agreed that natural was WAY easier on them.  The internet (source of all knowledge) suggested a variety of things to help naturally induce labor, so we started our way down the list.  I had my membranes stripped by my doctor, I ate spicy food, I ate pineapples, we had sex, I danced myself into a sweat, Brian and my sisters tried rubbing accupressure points.  No luck.  I had contractions alright, but I had been having contractions off and on since 25 weeks.  My cervix had dilated to a 2 and stubbornly stayed there.  We finally resigned ourselves to the idea that our baby was not coming before our induction date, and we started the waiting game for the big day.


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