Our Birth Story – Part 2

Our induction was scheduled for Tuesday, January 14.  The night before we had a big dinner with my family and celebrated the almost-birthday of our little boy.  The hubs and I had to be at the hospital at 5:30 the next morning, so we headed home and tried (unsuccessfully) to sleep.

The next morning we put our bags in the car and headed to the hospital.  We got there at 5:30, and by 6am, I was in bed with a Pitocin drip.  Brian asked our nurse what her best guess would be of when our baby would arrive, and she estimated it would be early evening because first time labors tend to take longer.  We had planned for him to be there with me the whole time, and that the rest of the family members would arrive throughout the morning.  At about 7am, they broke my water, and we hit our first speed bump shortly thereafter – our baby’s heart rate dropped.  The nurses told us that if his heart rate responded poorly to the Pitocin again, they would be taking me for a C-section.  Scary!!  At this point, they decided to place an internal fetal monitor, and he seemed to be doing well, so we continued with the induction plan.

Not long after, my parents, my older sister, and my youngest sister arrived, and then a little while later, Brian’s parents arrived.  The contractions started coming harder and harder, although my monitor didn’t seem to be working properly.  It was so hard to breathe when I had a contraction, and in spite of myself, I found myself holding my breath and bearing down when they would hit.  Brian, my mom, and my older sister took turns rubbing my back and helping me try to breathe through contractions.  I had a lot of back labor, and that was so hard.

Finally, about 5 hours after arriving at the hospital, I decided I would really like some pain relief.  The nurses called for the anesthesiologist, and we waited for him to come place my epidural.  By this point, I had dilated to about a 6, and was fully effaced.  We struggled through about another 45 minutes before the anesthesiologist arrived, and everyone except the Mr. had to leave the room.  The nurse asked me when the anesthesiologist came in if I was having any pressure.  I lied, and said no, because I had been having pressure for over an hour, but she hadn’t seemed to believe me before.  The anesthesiologist was placing my epidural, and I was still having horrific contractions every 2 minutes the whole time, but Brian held me and I tried to stay as still as  I could.  As soon as he was done, the nurse checked me again, and I was fully dilated and she had to immediately call for the doctor to come for delivery!


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