Our Birth Story – Part 3

The doctor arrived for delivery, but my epidural still hadn’t really kicked in yet.  We pushed through the contractions for a little while, and the hubs did a great job coaching me and helping me through it.  Honestly, by that point, pushing felt like a relief.  I was partially numbed by the time the baby was crowning , so I could feel some pain, but I could tell it was a duller pain than before.  The doctor said she would not be doing an episiotomy, but that I might potentially tear.  She told me that as soon as he was born, as long as everything was okay, she would place him on my stomach immediately.  His head came out fine, but his shoulder stuck and his heart rate dropped, and suddenly, everyone started acting very urgently.  One nurse was pressing very hard on my stomach, while the doctor finally applied vacuum suction to help him out.

Finally, at 12:24pm, Jacob Brian made his glorious entrance into the world.  The nurse took him to a small bassinet in our labor and delivery room to help him start breathing, and I told Brian to go be with Jake.  From that moment on, through the whole hospital stay, Brian never left Jake’s side.

In the meantime, I was delivering my placenta, and having my second-degree tear stitched up.  It seemed like things were taking a long time, and the nurses kept looking at each other and whispering.  Suddenly, I realized I was hemorrhaging.  They had to give me several shots to help slow the blood flow, and the doctor had to put several stitches in my uterus, and finally it seemed to be helping.  We were scared, and they wouldn’t let me hold baby Jake yet, so I was also really sad – I hadn’t even seen him yet.  Finally, they let Brian bring Jake over and stand next to me so I could look at him.  He was the most beautiful baby I had ever seen.  I had heard people say that before, of course, but I had been so worried at the end of my pregnancy that I wouldn’t know my baby once he arrived.  It couldn’t have been more the opposite – as soon as I saw him, it was like I known him forever.  Every detail of his tiny face was cemented into my brain immediately, and my heart was so full, it felt like it might explode.  Almost an hour after he was born, I finally got to hold baby Jake in my arms!  He was just perfect.  He was 7 pounds, 8 ounces, and 19 inches long.  Our families got to come in and see him and then they let the Mr. take him up to the nursery for his first bath. 

During that time, my mom stayed with me, and everyone else went back to the waiting room.  The nurse came in to ask me if I could try to go to the bathroom, and then I could be taken upstairs to the recovery room and the Mr. and J could join me there.  I told the nurse and my mom that I was still feeling very woozy from all of the blood loss, but I would try.  I made it into the bathroom before I lost consciousness.  Fortunately, my mom and the nurse caught me. It took several attempts with ammonia smelling salts to bring me back. I finally started feeling a little better and got to go up to my recovery room with Jake and Brian.

We were required to stay for 24 hours after delivery, and between breastfeeding and the nurses checking on us all night long, it was a long night. I couldn’t get comfortable enough to sleep because they insisted on leaving the epidural in place in case I started bleeding again and required emergency procedures. When we finally got to go home, we were so happy and excited – it was the first day of the rest of our lives!


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