Things to Love Thursday – Nosefrida

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Babies are messy little things. Spit-up, poop, drool, you name it and it’s going to get on you. And snot? It’s snot your friend (sorry, couldn’t resist). But seriously, y’all, congested babies are not the happiest. Right now, my little man has a little bit of a cold-allergy thing going on, so he’s sneezing a ton, and all that excess mucus has him snorting like a little piggy.

Of course, we don’t jump to medicate J any more than necessary, so we try to start with the basics. For us, that means a cool-mist humidifier at bedtime, nasal saline drops, and our Nosefrida. Nosefrida is pretty unique, because unlike normal nasal aspirators, you use suction from your mouth to suck the mucus out. Before you get too freaked out, it does have a filter to prevent you from sucking snot into your mouth (although, depending on how long you’ve been a mom, that may not phase you).

Here’s how it works for us. We start by putting a few drops of saline in J’s nose to help loosen everything up. The tip of the Nosefrida gets placed against the opening of his nostrils, rather than shoved up his nose like an old-school aspirator. You place the mouthpiece between your lips and suck like you are sucking a straw, only harder and longer. When you are done, you can take it all apart to clean out the snot and to replace the filter.

I personally feel like it works much better than a normal aspirator, and the gross-out factor really isn’t gross because of the filter. The only con in my book is that it take a lot of suction – read: you need a good set of lungs to make this work well. Sometimes I get a little out of breath from using it, but that is totally worth it to get all the mucus and congestion so my sweet baby can breathe better.



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