Books, Cooking Out, and Rolling Over

Brian and I only get 2 days a month off work together in a normal month. That sounds pretty bad, but we actually make it work out pretty well since we both work kinda weird hours, but anytime we get a whole day together, we are excited to spend time together as a family. Well, this week we got 2 days in a row y’all!! Little Jake didn’t know what to think about so much time with mommy and daddy together. We all really enjoyed it.
I vaguely remembered the hospital saying something about signing us up for some program where Jake would get a free book in the mail every month, but since we hadn’t gotten one yet, I thought maybe I had gotten confused. Well, apparently I was right, because we got our first book this week! We were very excited, and read it right away. This cool organization called the Ferst Foundation is doing this for kids in several counties in Georgia to help kids learn and love reading.
We hosted a small family get together yesterday for Memorial Day, and we cooked on the grill. It’s definitely the day that feels like the start to summer! Maybe this is a Southern thing, but my family does not call this “barbecuing,” we call it cooking out or grilling. To us, “barbecuing” actually involves a smoker and making barbecue, not hamburgers and hot dogs. We had a great time. It’s such a great reminder of how lucky we are, and how blessed, that we have the freedom to do these things because others were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice.
Jake surprised us all yesterday by rolling over for the first time (well, kinda – he’s rolled before but only on really soft places, never anything firm like the floor). I was so excited that I got to see one of his “firsts”. I always worry that I’m going to miss all those special moments because I work so much. It was such a blessing to me, and my heart is still so full I could burst.


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