Five Minute Friday

1. Jake is part fish – this kid loves water!! We finally got our pool ready and let him take a little dip. He splashes and laughs and cries when we make him get out. He loves being outside anyway, but he is definitely not afraid of the water!
2. On a related note, we are looking for some sunscreen safe for babies under 6 months old. Right now we just have been keeping him in the shade of a giant umbrella, but I know we will need something soon.
3. I still haven’t found the time or energy to read any books lately.
By the time I work, do the housework, take care of Jake, and try to update the blog, I’m all out of hours in the day…
4. Well, we actually read everyday, but I meant a grown-up book, as opposed to VeggieTales, Click Clack Moo, or our little Susan Boynton collection. I can tell you The Going To Bed Book start to finish without even opening it.
5. Desperate for a vacation!! Time off work would be so welcome right now.


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