Things to Love Thursday – Tervis Tumblers

Want to know a fun fact about me? I cannot keep secrets about gifts I buy people. If I buy a gift more than a week in advance, forget actually making it to the gift-giving occasion. I get so excited about the person getting to enjoy their gift, and I just can’t wait one.more.second. So for my husband’s first Father’s Day? I caved. He got it a whole week early.
While we are trying to get rid of a lot of our plastic products and replace them with glass, one thing we still want to keep are our Tervis tumblers! We adore them. First of all, they are insulated and can be used for hot or cold beverages. I love this because that means my ice water doesn’t sweat all over our new coffee table. You can also purchase lids for them, with or without a straw. This is important when you have a baby or toddler who is knocking things over rather often. Next up, because they are plastic they are safe to use outside near our pool. Also, this is kind of humorous, but the lines on them make it super easy for mixing drinks, be it an iced coffee or something a little stronger, and getting consistent results without having to use any measuring utensils. Last, but most certainly not least, they have a lifetime warranty! If your cups get damaged, Tervis will repair or replace them for free for life!! It definitely makes them a worthwhile purchase!!
We couldn’t choose just one, so we got two! One to help him rep his favorite sports team, and one to tell him (and everyone else) how much he means to us!

If you are looking around for a little something extra to get your dad or husband for Father’s Day (or yourself for that matter), run down to Bed, Bath, and Beyond – they have a huge selection of awesome Tervis products. Or checkout the Tervis site for cups you can personalize for that special person on your list.





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