Allow me to explain…

I would like to begin by saying how humbled I am that any person in the world would come to this blog and read it. I am even more humbled that in the past month, although I haven’t posted at all, I’ve still been getting page views. Thank you to anyone and everyone that comes here to read the words I put to paper.
I have been away for a lot of reasons, some that I can talk about and some that I can’t. In the past month, my dad has had open heart surgery (CABGx3 for y’all that are familiar with medicine), cardiac arrest, and a minor stroke. Needless to say, my mom has needed help caring for him as he is recuperating, and in addition to that, I’m now working 2 jobs and caring for an almost 8 month old baby (when did he get so big y’all?). I figured that any spare time I had should probably be put towards basic life needs, like eating, sleeping, and showering when possible. I hope that things will calm down some for me soon, and I can be back more regularly!


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