Things to Love Thursday – We Heart Carter’s

As far as Jake’s clothes are concerned, we were lucky to receive a ton of hand-me-down stuff from our friends, so we have only just recently had to start buying his clothing. And because we had a lot of different brands passed down, we really got a feel for the quality and style of multiple brands. I can say that Carter’s is my favorite. Their clothing is really well made, so I know I could save it for our next child or give it to a friend expecting a baby, and these clothes are going to hold up. The other big reason I love them is that they are very true to size. If it says 6 months, he can wear it from about 4 1/2 to 7 1/2 months pretty easily. In other brands, he’s already wearing 12 month onesies, and he’s a pretty average sized kid based on his growth charts.

I also love the style – no cartoon characters, but still very cute for a little boy. (Have I ever mentioned my disdain for characters? My baby is not a billboard, thankyouverymuch.). Also, between the sales and coupons, they are very reasonably priced. We are also lucky enough to have a Carter’s store at our local outlet mall, so we find some good deals there, as well as in other stores baby departments and online.


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