Bloggers – They’re Just Like You, Only Wordier

Do you ever feel intimidated reading your favorite blogs? I know I do. I mean, they seem to have it all together. They are great moms, they post healthy recipes, and perfect birthday parties, and Bible verses. They post lunches cut into fun shapes, and hand-crafted holiday home decor. They tell you how they make homemade eco-friendly cleaning products and grow organic gardens. What’s not intimidating about that?

It’s hard to imagine these women as real people, the kind of women you could be friends with. How could you ever let them come over to your barely decorated, toy-strewn living room for a non-organic glass of wine cup of coffee? Certainly your 12 dollar moscato store brand dark roast can’t measure up.

But I realized today that even though my favorite bloggers sometimes make me feel like I don’t measure up, we all feel that way sometimes. So to confirm you are not alone in your happy mess, here are some truths about my life.

I literally go 3 days between showers way more often than I would like to admit.

The dust bunnies that grow in this house could eat my child.

I have my hair in a ponytail, no makeup on, wearing my glasses 95% of the time – even when I go to work.

I almost never cook. This is part of the reason our diet is so unhealthy, and something I’m really working on, but I fail more often than I succeed.

If you show up at my house unannounced, I will likely ask you to leave because at any given moment there are dirty dishes and laundry strewn around. If you give me advanced notice, I can hide some of the aforementioned mess.

Home decor is something that just eludes me. I know what I like, but I have no idea what to buy and how to put things together so that the end result translates like I want. My solution is to just not decorate, but I want our house to look like we live here (of course, the pile of laundry probably suggests that).

My DIY craft projects look like they were made by a 6 year old with an addiction to glitter.

I rarely make homemade baby food, and I never cloth diaper, so I pretty much succeeded at almost nothing I planned to do as a mom.

It’s easier and more interesting to write about the nice, happy, fun things. No one wants the broken, we all want new and shiny. But we are all broken, we all fall short of the glory of God. We wake up each morning and do the best we can, and we don’t have to be perfect, on the Internet or in the real world. Give yourself some grace, because trust me, mama – you are already good enough.. All of these seemingly perfect lives you see on the internet? They’re not perfect. In fact, they’re just like you – only wordier.


4 thoughts on “Bloggers – They’re Just Like You, Only Wordier

  1. Your post made me laugh…I’m so not the perfect…anything! I don’t write clever anything, never posted a recipe and there is a good reason why I Blog rather than Vlog. You’re not the only one that feels the way you do.

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