Freemie – A Follow-Up

I have noticed that a ton of the traffic that comes to this blog is about Freemie, so I wanted to write a follow-up post now that Jake is almost 9 months old, and we’ve been using it for about 6 months.

I absolutely love love love this product. It is so vital to me being able to pump at work, and it makes it so much easier for me to pump in the car also. Of course, I use it with my Hygeia pump and they work great together!

A big question seems to be how to keep it clean. I would definitely refer you to the product manual that came with the Freemie cups for more info, but here is what I do. Each day, I will rinse the cups with water after using them, and store them in the fridge. That just cuts down on the number of times I have to wash everything each day. I wash the cups with hot soapy water each evening and then allow them to air dry over night. About once a week, I put the small inner pieces of the cups in the microwave steamer with some of his other things. Regarding the tubing, I just rinse it thoroughly with hot water, then using an oral dosing syringe (like what comes with children’s liquid medicine), I squirt some rubbing alcohol (usually about 5 ml, which is a teaspoonful) through the tubes and hang them up to dry. I hang them so that any remaining liquid can drip out, and the alcohol helps them to dry faster. I clean my Hygeia tubing the same way.

I hope that helps some and if any of y’all have any questions, please ask! I would love to help. đŸ™‚


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