A Day in the Life of a Working, Pumping Mom – Part 1

Just so you know, part of the difficulty of my job is that I don’t have a consistent schedule. This is just one sample of what our days might look like.

7:45am Hubby gets home from work, which wakes Jake and I because the house alarm beeps

8:05am I drag my zombie self out of bed where I have tried unsuccessfully to nurse Jake back to sleep for the past 20 minutes. We head to Jake’s room for a diaper change and fresh clothes. Next, we head to the kitchen for a glass of water, prenatal vitamins, and fenugreek for me.

8:20am We settle into a morning routine of snuggling, playing, and hanging out with Brian. Throughout the day, we nurse on demand and change diapers as needed.

10:00am Jake starts to get antsy and will usually nurse and take his first nap of the day. This gives me 30-45 minutes to do some things around the house or make something for me and Brian to eat.

10:45am Jake is up and at ’em again. More playing ensues. Sometimes if the weather permits, we take a walk. Other days, we play in the bathtub. Sometimes this is when he eats baby food.

1:00pm Nap number 2 usually hits about this time, and hubs has gone to bed by now, so I take the opportunity to hit a few quick chores and get dressed for work. If I am feeling very motivated, I make calls for my second job.

2:00pm If Jake isn’t awake by now, I gently wake him to freshen him up again before we head to my MIL’s house.

2:20pm Drop Jake off and head to work, pumping on the way.

3:00pm Start my shift.

4:30pm On a good day, this will be my first work pumping session. I hook up for 20 minutes and focus on checking prescriptions, answering phones, and typing. Fairly regularly, my pumping sessions get interrupted, but I try to just get back to it ASAP and make sure that I’m getting at least 20 minutes total. This one is pretty hit or miss because this is a pretty busy time of day – sometimes it gets pushed back all the way to 5:30. To save time washing at work, I rinse my Freemie cups with distilled water after each use and store in the fridge with my bags of milk.

6:30pm Ideally, this will be my second pump session at work. Normally, things are starting to slow down for the night, so it goes more smoothly. I usually still have 2 techs until 7, so I try to make sure I start by 6:40 at the latest to minimize interruptions.

8:30pm Pump #3. This one is sometimes tough to manage, because my last tech leaves at 8:30 or 9 depending on our budget during a given week. If I’m there alone, it is much more challenging to get the whole 20 minutes, especially without having to unhook to go help customers multiple times. Hubs is often already at MIL’s house by this time so he can spend more time with Jake.

10:00pm Get off work and head to pick up Jake, pumping in the car.

10:30pm Get Jake and his stuff loaded up and head home. Sometimes he has already fallen asleep, but being buckled in wakes him. Sometimes he is awake and over-tired. Insert screaming and crying the whole way home.

10:40pm Arrive at home, juggle baby while I transfer milk into fridge and wash breast pump cups. Hubs has already left for work before we get home.

11:00pm Wrangle grouchy baby as we do a final diaper change and get in his jammies. We then snuggle in my bed for a bedtime story, prayers, and a final nursing session.

11:30pm Jake is asleep but will probably wake up several times throughout the night to nurse. Sometimes I go ahead and just go to sleep. Sometimes I will shower after he’s asleep at night, but I usually try to squeeze a quick shower in when Brian is at home to help with Jake. I often work on blog stuff at this late hour, or scour the internet for dream jobs where you stay at home with your kids making a 6-figure income.

I will be posting more day in the life posts so y’all have some ideas of how our lives look.


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