A Day in the Life of a Working, Pumping Mom – Part 3

Next up on the schedule? Short morning shift, my favorite! Even though I have never been a morning person, I would much rather work in the morning than the afternoon.

6:15am – My first alarm goes off and promptly gets turned off.

6:45am – BEEP BEEP BEEP Okay, okay, I’m up. Crawl out of bed very carefully to avoid waking Jake. I brush my teeth and twist my hair up into a bun. Throw on work clothes, and contemplate makeup. Nope, not on this day.

7:00am – Wake snuggle bug for a morning diaper change. Much gnashing of teeth ensues.

7:05am – With a much happier, dryer baby in my arms, I quickly pack his lunch – breastmilk pumped from the day before and an assortment of organic baby food.

7:15am – If we are having a good day, I’m loading us into the car right now…

7:25am – …but did I mention I’m not a morning person? We are running late.

7:35am – Just dropped J off, so I hook up my breast pump for my morning commute.

7:45am – Why is it whenever we are running late, we always end up even later? Dear train, thanks.

7:57am – Get in and unpacked before opening at 8.

9:30 am – Pump 2. Make phone calls and check prescriptions while I stand relatively stationary.

11:30am – Pump 3

1:30pm – Pump 4, the end is in sight!!

3:00pm – Yay, time to go home! Pump in the car.

3:30pm – Pick J up, head home and put his milk in the fridge.

4:00pm – Sit down, play with Jake, and contemplate dinner. Nurse on demand for the rest of the day.

7:00pm – Let Brian take over with Jake so I can fix dinner.

8:00pm – Eat dinner, pack leftovers for hubby’s lunch. Sometimes I squeeze a shower in now.

8:30pm – Give J a bath while hubby gets ready for work.

9:15pm – Brian leaves for work, which means baby bedtime. Bedtime story, prayers, nursing, and snuggles. After he falls asleep, sometimes I shower if I didn’t get to earlier. I squeeze in some work – paying bills, writing blog posts, etc.

10:30pm – Brian calls to check on us from work. After we hang up, it’s time for me to get some sleep.


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