Baby Shower Basket

A very dear friend of mine had a baby shower this past weekend, and we were thrilled to be able to celebrate with her! She is expecting a little boy the same week as Jake’s birthday, so we are looking forward to some play dates in the not-so-distant future.

I have know this girl since we were in elementary school, so my mom, sisters, and I all chipped in to get her a gift. I had several ideas about what we should get her, but I tried to think about the things we needed and used most during those early months. Some ideas include a nursing cover, a sling, and a Miracle Blanket. But we decided not to go with any of those things, because she may decide not to breastfeed, baby wear, or swaddle.

We decided to make her some baby essentials baskets. We bought two canvas totes, a large natural one and a small blue one. In the larger basket, we included diapers, wipes, and 3 sleepers. I gave her Pampers Swaddlers diapers because they have been our favorite diaper with Jake, and I “bought” her one sleeper at Carter’s with a store coupon. In the smaller basket, we included nasal saline, gas drops, and acetaminophen (hey, I am a pharamcist), as well as a couple of pacifiers, baby lotion, baby shampoo and head-to-toe wash, and a baby bath pouf.

To make it look like a gift, we just added a few pieces of colorful tissue paper and some ribbon – ta da!!


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