Halloween Treats for Baby

We are really careful about what Jake eats, for a lot of reasons. That being said, I just didn’t feel like a 9-month old baby had any business eating a bucket of candy. We did take him trick or treating at 3 houses, just for the experience, but we made him a treat basket without candy, much like we did for Easter. His bucket had 2 Halloween themed board books (one was Room on the Broom which I got because Jess at Little Baby Garvin said it was a hit at her house, and this girl knows holidays) and some glow sticks. He loved his treats! We really enjoyed the books together, and he was so intrigued by the glow sticks – and total I only spent about 15 bucks, including the bucket! (Although glow sticks are usually non-toxic, make sure to supervise little ones since everything tends to go straight in their mouths!)

If you are looking for non-candy treats for Halloween, or any other time, don’t be discouraged; holidays can be fun for little ones without all that processed sugar!


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