10 Month Update

Where does the time go?! I can’t believe we are counting down to his birthday already. I am hoping we will pull off a cute birthday party, and I will be able to share! (I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Santa is going to bring me a DSLR, so I can share a lot more pictures in the future!)

First, Jake’s current stats. As of our 9 month check up, he is 28 inches long, and about 23 pounds. He says mama and dada. He can feed himself finger foods, but we are still working on using a cup. He is developing such an amazing personality – he is so sweet and calm, quick to smile, smart as can be. He lights up our whole world!

We are still happily breastfeeding, and I still pump at work. Now that he is eating more food, there is less pressure and stress with the pumping. I still take the fenugreek and prenatal vitamins. He still wakes up and nurses a good bit at night, but now that I’ve gotten used to it, I have learned to function on less sleep. We co-sleep, so that definitely helps me to get more rest too. Jake has become a “twiddler,” which means he likes to pinch or pull the skin of my opposite breast while he’s nursing. It doesn’t usually bother me, so right now, I’m not doing anything to discourage it; to me, it seems to help him stay still better when nursing, since he’s getting to the age when he’s practically doing acrobatics at the breast. His diet is rapidly expanding, but some of his favorites are bananas and yogurt bites. All of the gas and spit-up issues we went through when he was smaller have pretty much disappeared, including his issues with dairy.

I can honestly say this has been the hardest and most amazing 10 months.


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