Church and the Christmas Tree

We started out our morning in an argument. Really. It was stupid and trivial, as most arguments are, and I got mad.

“Just forget it, I’m not going to church this morning.”

“Fine,” he replies. “I guess Jake and I will just go without you.”

At the time, I was even more irritated. Then, my heart softened. This is exactly what I wanted – for us to be able to go to church together as a family. He had made sure to include that in the plans for our first weekend off work together in years (excluding things like vacation). Also in the plans? Watching It’s a Wonderful Life as we put up our Christmas tree. He wanted to make me happy.

My husband and I often butt heads, and we often take each other for granted. But he has such a good heart, full of love for our family. That makes me the luckiest girl in the world.


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