Birthday Party Planning

Like any good mom, when I started thinking about Jake’s birthday and his party, I got on Pinterest. And like many, I was overwhelmed. I mean, I have a job – who has time to plan these intricate birthday parties? But I decided to just use it for inspiration, and a vision for the perfect first birthday party was born.

I’m decent with a computer, so I decided to design the invitations myself. I just used free fonts and graphics. I’m having them printed at Staples, because we’ve used them before. I also designed some banners to match his invitations, but I will have to cut those after they’re printed.

We are planning on pretty standard decor – balloons and streamers. Our “theme” is just a color scheme and the number one. I didn’t want to go too crazy, since he won’t even remember it. I don’t love character themes, and since he doesn’t watch TV, he doesn’t know who they are anyway, so we shied away from that.

I’m having a pretty simple menu, as well. Fruit skewers, veggie tray, and some light finger foods. I don’t know if I’m going to make the cakes myself or get them from Publix – I’ve heard they give you a free smash cake with your cake order. I’ve debated about doing pull-apart cupcakes in the shape of a number 1 or doing regular cupcakes and putting them on a tiered tray.

I will post some teaser pics next week when I pick up the invites, and then I will try to post a whole party review after his party so sometime in the next few weeks.


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