Stocking Stuffers for a One Year Old Boy

I thought that I might have a hard time thinking of stocking stuffers for my 11 month old son. For the past 10 years or more, our stockings have been primarily filled with junk food, so obviously I wanted to go a different direction. Here’s a list of ideas for a one year old boy, some of which we used this year:

-books – Always a favorite in our home, a board book is the perfect size to tuck in a stocking.

-toothbrush – We would often get a toothbrush in our stockings as kids; we bought J one this year.

-glow sticks – In my Halloween post, I mentioned we got some for Jake’s trick-or-treat bucket. They were a huge hit, so I got more for his stocking.

-bath toys – My child loves, loves, LOVES some H2O! Baths are always a hit, especially when we break out the toys! He loves his bath toys so much, I even keep a few in a basket on his changing table for diaper related meltdowns.

-healthy snacks – Think little packets of dried fruit, freeze-dried yogurt bites, and so on.

What else would be good for a baby’s stocking?


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