Following Where He Leads

It is certainly no secret around here that my job is a source of stress/anger/sadness. It is also a constant strain on my marriage, because my husband cannot fathom what is so bad about my job. Or at least, that was the case. But since Brian got a first shift job, 2 weeks of every month we literally only see each other once a week. And now, he is starting to understand.

So, with that in mind, I’m stepping out into uncharted territory and applying for a residency program. Money will be very tight for us for awhile if I get accepted, but it’s only a year and would open some new doors for me after. I’ve been praying about it a lot, and another huge perk is that it would give us every weekend off to go to church together. It would also hopefully open some doors for a more normal work schedule and maybe even some chances to work from home in the future.

I’ve decided to turn it all over to God. Our living situation, my job, all of it. His plans for me are bigger than my own, so I know I can’t go wrong if I follow where He leads.


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