Things to Love Thursday – Snacks

Mmmm, snacks. We love to eat. Jake is a great eater, he likes pretty much everything. But, his mama wants him to have healthy choices. We definitely do fresh fruits and veggies, but sometimes that’s not an option if we are on the go.

For snacks, we have a few new favorites. Hands down, number one is Happy Creamies.

I might actually sneak a few for myself when we bust these out. They are made with organic fruit and vegetable purée and coconut milk. So, to recap – organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, and delish.. Jake has outgrown his dairy issues, and we don’t know of any issues with gluten, but it’s good to know we have options if we did have food sensitivities.

Our other new favorites include YoBaby organic yogurt and Earth’s Best apple cinnamon Happy Snax. We try to buy organic for him as much as possible, but he does eat non-organic as well; however, we try really hard to avoid giving him anything super processed, sweets, or fast food.


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