Toddler Meals – Breakfast Edition

Alternatively titled, “No, I did not realize I had banana in my hair.”

Jake’s been eating solids for a long while, but he’s only been eating “table food” for a little while. We do still give him baby food, but we have started trying to give him more “whole” food so he can feed himself. He thinks it’s fun to feed us, too!

For breakfast, here are some of our typical options.

Earth’s Best Organic Blueberry Waffles and cut up bananas. I like these waffles because they are the 4 mini waffles that are stuck together, so rather than having to cut it up, I just tear them apart and he eats the mini waffle. He can’t eat all 4, so we share.

Plum hello morning! Quinoa Oatmeal with fruit. We’ve had the banana-blueberry flavor, and the apple-cinnamon flavor. We serve with a side of fresh fruit – blueberries, mandarin oranges, or cut up grapes.
Scrambled eggs with sautéed onion and bell peppers. We typically do a sweeter breakfast, but we occasionally like savory as well!

We also sometimes do a fruit purée pouch or jar from Earth’s Best, Sprout, or Plum, when we need convenience. We were originally really anti-pouch because of all the negative press, but we squirt it out onto a spoon, smell it, and taste it before Jake eats from it. We feel like that’s a healthy compromise since so many companies have started using the pouches and they have a wider variety of options in pouches than jars for many brands.

I think now that J is eating “real food,” it forces me to think a lot more about what I’m buying and what I’m cooking. I hope it will mean a healthier lifestyle for the whole family!


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