Toddler Meals – Lunch Edition

Let’s just jump in, shall we?

Part of mommy’s Evol Chicken Burrito. It has organic chicken, rice, onions, beans, and cheese. Yum.

Organic mixed veggies and fruit. I buy organic mixed veggies and single veggies in the freezer section. Boil for like 3-5 minutes and they are super tender, perfect for Mr. 4-Teeth. I add in some fresh fruit – berries, banana, or orange. Sometimes, I also let him have some apple-cinnamon snacks – his favorite.

Baby food. Earth’s Best chicken and stars pasta or Plum hello dinner! broccoli and cheese pasta.

Dinner leftovers. Spaghetti, stuffed bell peppers, whatever is healthy and already cooked. Add some fresh fruit and veggies and that’s lunch.


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