Crazy Dreams

Since having Jake, who cosleeps with us, I rarely dream, or at least remember my dreams, because I sleep much lighter than pre-baby. Last night, though, I had a really crazy, really vivid dream… In my dream, I was in the shower, and kept feeling a fluttering feeling in my stomach. I looked down, and I could see the imprint of what looked like a tiny hand on my belly, which was weird because I didn’t think I was pregnant. I got out of the shower and went to show Brian, but when I showed him, the hand pushed through the skin. So I had a tiny baby hand hanging out of my abdomen, and I’m bleeding. Then more and more of the baby starts trying to force itself out of the hole made by the hand. And, even though I’m pretty sure it is literally going to kill me, all I can worry about is that the baby is too small to come out yet. Brian decides he needs to take me to the hospital, and I keep telling the baby as we are driving to please just stay in, because it’s too soon to come out yet, but the baby keeps coming anyway. Before we can even get down the road, the whole entire miniature baby has forced itself through my abdomen. Then I woke up. Isn’t that strange? Just to clarify, we aren’t expecting in real life as far as we know…


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