16 Month Breastfeeding Update

Sorry I’ve been MIA lately, but what better way to come back than with a breastfeeding update?!

16 months finds us still nursing fairly successfully.  Jake still doesn’t sleep 100% through the night, so nighttime is when we nurse most.  We still nurse a good bit during the day too, though, because someone doesn’t like to take more than about 3 sips from a cup… Needless to say, that means I’m still pumping so he can drink from a bottle when I’m at work.  You know how people tell you to never say never in parenthood?  Yeah.  I was that mom who was like MY baby will NOT be sucking a bottle after 12 months.  But I also thought I’d wean at 12 months, so now I know that I don’t know anything.  Parenthood.  So now that I’m down off my high horse, I’ve purchased literally 10 different cups, and he hates all of them.  Boo.  And I’m struggling with the pumping at this point, though, because it takes so much effort and I’m getting so little milk.  Double boo.
Also, possibly TMI here, but I think my menstrual cycle may be coming back after 2 full years, which isn’t helping the milk dilemma.  I had some light spotting for about 3 days, so we will see…  My hubby is really wanting another baby, but with my history of PCOS, who knows how that will turn out?  I’m cautiously optimistic because of how quickly Jake was conceived, but I’m not getting overly invested in the idea of another child just yet.  I don’t think I’m quite ready yet, anyway.


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