I’m THAT Mom

Why is it so hard to get other adults to respect your parenting decisions?  I understand you did/are doing it differently.  That’s cool.  You raise your kids, I will handle mine.  I have gotten really frustrated lately, because I can’t get certain people to respect my parenting choices. So, for the record:

  • I will breastfeed as long as we both want to.  If that’s 3 more days or 3 more weeks or 3 more months, whatever.  Not your boobs.
  • Please respect my decisions regarding what we let our child eat.  I know that French fries won’t kill him (at least not today…), and I know your kids ate a lot differently. But if you know better now, you need to do better.  So when I say he doesn’t need cake with bright orange icing, he doesn’t need cake with bright orange icing.  He likes fruits and vegetables just fine.  We allow him a few indulgences here and there for special occasions, and that’s it.  His genetics are not in his favor, so the only thing I can do for him is to teach him how to have a healthy relationship with food.  Junk food is addicting, so it’s better for him if he doesn’t ever have to deal with that.
  • Don’t sass me about his rear-facing car seat.  He has a significantly reduced risk of death or spinal cord injury if he’s in an accident while rear-facing.  I’m more concerned with his safety than his view.
  • Thank you for your opinion on me putting him in nursery at church.  I’m aware he isn’t around other kids much, but if he screams like a banshee the whole time he’s in nursery and he will sit realtively quietly with me in the service, I would prefer he stay with me.  I have read a lot about parenting views related to having children in church, and I am comfortable with my stance on it.  If he isn’t disturbing you, don’t worry about how much he is or isn’t interacting with other kids.

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