18 Month Update

We haven’t had our 18 month checkup yet, but I still have plenty to report.  J is growing so much and he is learning so much; it’s really beautiful to watch.  It seems like he is learning a new word every other day.  He knows more animal sounds (“moo”), the word animals (“ah-mals), and the color blue (“boo”), which he will happily point out upon request.  He says and understand the difference is yes and no.  He also has some funny expressions (“wow,” “whoa,” “dude,” and “really” which sounds ,more like “ree-ree?”).  He calls both of his grandmothers “maw-maw” (one is g-maw, the other is memaw), and affectionately calls his daddy “da-da-dude.”  He says doodle (“dooduh”), which is a nickname his aunt calls him.  He also says noozle (“noozah”), which is what we call rubbing our noses together.  He requests apples (“ah-pools”), and going swimming (“pool!”) often.

He likes climbing on everything and running everywhere.  He is a ball of energy, but his disposition is usually very good.  He’s very kind and loving.  He loves to be a helper, whether it’s doing dishes, laundry, or making the bed.  He has gotten time out a few times for throwing his food, so we are working on that, but overall, he’s an easy going kid.  Being his mom is a joy and a privilege.


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