Anchored – On Sale!!

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I wrote a few weeks back about how much I enjoyed reading Anchored by Kayla Aimee. Well, it’s now on a flash sale for Kindle for just 99 cents!!!  Check it out Anchored: Finding Hope in the Unexpected!!

A Steal of a Deal

This post contains affiliate links.

Y’all know I am nothing if not a work in progress over here.  I love finding resources from other bloggers to use on my journey of self-improvement.

Enter the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle – a huge collection of resources for sale for a very short time (only until April 27th, in fact).  With roughly 100 ebooks and ecourses, I know I probably won’t get to all of them.  But just the handful of resources on grocery savings would cost almost $50 if purchased separately!  Add in the books on homeschooling preschoolers (worth $35), and the bundle is a steal at $29.97!

But that’s not all that’s included – as I mentioned before, it’s a total of 98 books and courses.  There is also $300 worth of bonus offers included from some awesome companies, like Craftsy and Hope Ink.  Plus, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee – if you aren’t 100% happy, you can get a refund.  And it will only be available for a few more days.  This is my fourth time getting one of the Ultimate Bundles, and I’ve never been disappointed!

Check it out!

Ultimate DIY Bundle

This post contains affiliate links.

If you haven’t heard about Ultimate Bundles yet, you are really missing out!  A compilation of awesome, relevant ebooks and tons of freebies gets sold for a short period of time for an incredibly reasonable price.  The Ultimate DIY Bundle, which I personally bought last time it was on sale, is COMING BACK for a limited time only – just 48 hours!  And to get you all geared up for it’s release, this week only there is a FREE ecourse to help get your creative juices flowing – check it out here!

Some of my favorites included the ebooks on DIY homemade skincare products and the ones on photography, as well as the photo editing for beginners ecourse, and the hope ink print included as a freebie!

Can We Say We’re Frugal?

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photo credit: Savings via photopin (license)

Once upon a time, I was bad with money. Like, really bad. Like $7000 in credit card debt while I was in college bad. I learned my spending habits from my parents. Both of my parents grew up in very poor families, so my dad worked really hard to prevent our family from going through that. However, both he and my mom had a tendency to impulse buy, especially things that they had wanted as kids. They didn’t really teach us much about money. If we made good grades, we earned spending money, and sometimes we would get money for our birthdays. But they never talked to us about good money habits.

When I got married, my husband and I were broke. He worked full time, and I worked part time while I was in school. But my husband drove a gas guzzler with a 90-minute commute each way, and I only worked a few shifts a week after class. We had rent, utilities, phone, cable, internet, a truck payment and insurance, credit card payments, and a growing student loan. I’m sad to say that the stress .

He worked overtime and did side work to make ends meet. He had much better sense about money than I did, so we started talking about financial goals.  It took a lot of discipline, and changing some bad money habits, like stress shopping.  Over the next few years, we got out of most of our debt, started saving, and then bought our home.  We are now working towards paying off our home.

The other day I was working on our taxes, and discussing how frustrating it is that we can’t itemize certain things because they aren’t a large enough portion of our income.

“I mean, I’m not crazy, right?  It’s frustrating!” I exclaim.

“No, babe.  You’re just cheap.”

I’m caught off guard.  “NO!  No, I’m not.”

“It’s okay, I am too.”


“Okay, dear, can we just say we’re frugal?” he concedes.

Five years of marriage took me from shopaholic to frugalista.