Our Home Decor for Fall

Our Fall Decor

I just wanted to do a quick post of some fall decorating that I’ve started around here.  I’m not great at decorating.  I know what I like and don’t like, but I have a hard time putting things together to create a look, so try not to tease me too much!

DSCF4690 DSCF4692

The tree in the center we keep up all year.  I have a thing for trees.  The larger pumpkin is an oil warmer that I got at my baby shower.  The little pumpkins are actually salt and pepper shakers that I got on clearance!


DSCF4697 DSCF4698

These pictures speak to my love of sparkle!  Both the little bugs are sparkly, and the cornucopias are filled with tiny gourds that I covered in glitter.

DSCF4703 DSCF4706

In the kitchen, we have a chalkboard sign and a cute little turkey…


And on the front door, a DIY wreath from my mom!

Hope that has put you in the mood for the season.  Happy Fall, Y’all!

Anchored – On Sale!!

This post contains affiliate links.  If you choose to use the links I’ve provided, I’ll make a few cents and it won’t cost you anything extra.  If not, I still love and support this product!  See my disclosure page for more details.

I wrote a few weeks back about how much I enjoyed reading Anchored by Kayla Aimee. Well, it’s now on a flash sale for Kindle for just 99 cents!!!  Check it out Anchored: Finding Hope in the Unexpected!!

Anchored: A Book Review


This post contains affiliate links.

If you love a good Southern mommy blog (and I hope you do , if you’re here), then Kayla Aimee’s would be one you would love.  She writes all about her life as a mom to her micro-preemie-turned-sassy-toddler Scarlette, and her writing is like talking to a friend.  She just released her first book last week, a memoir of her family’s uncertain time in the NICU following Scarlette’s birth, and how that time has shaped her and her understanding of her faith.  It is not only a beautiful story of a mother’s love, told through both tears and laughter.  It is also the story of a Father’s love for his children, and His constant presence in our lives, through good times and bad.  I remember when I became a mother, the biggest epiphany I had was my greater understanding of God’s love for me mirrored in my love for my own child.  I feel like that’s something Kayla writes about too.  AND…it’s on sale through Amazon right now! Pick up a copy <a href=”here

An Easter Celebration

Saturday we began our celebration of the Resurrection by hosting a lunch and Easter egg hunt with my in-laws. We try to be very intentional with certain things in our home, and Easter is one of those things. We don’t really do the Easter bunny in our home, but we do still give Jake an Easter basket.  Inside were stickers, bubbles, some bath toys, a stuffed lamb, and two faith-based children’s’ books.

 Food and decorations were kept super simple, because with work and a toddler, getting the house clean was a feat. I made a few quick chalkboards, and bought a cheap flower bouquet from the grocery store. Food was pulled pork sandwiches, cole slaw, potato salad, green beans, baked beans, and broccoli rice casserole. We also had a birthday cake my mother-in-law made for me. 

 After filling our bellies on barbecue, we headed out to the yard for egg hunting. My mother-in-law filled the eggs with candy, which we don’t allow Jake to have, but he enjoyed collecting them anyway. The pollen has been unbearably bad here this week, so we didn’t let him play outside too terribly long, but he still managed to get a bit too much sun.

We ended the night by visiting my parents, and having a dance party – this kid has got some moves!  Our bedtime story was the story of the crucifixion on our YouVersion Bible for Kids app.  Overall, a great day of celebrating!

Mama and Me Easter Looks

Mama and Me Easter Looks from thesouthernmrs.wordpress.com

Lace back cardigan
$27 – newlook.com

Twill Blazer

Bottoms Pants

Week in Review

Last week was great, our new schedule combined with the holiday meant a ton of family time. I only had to work 30 hours last week (we were closed for Thanksgiving, which would have been my really long day). We ate lots of good food, and so did Jake! Also, on Saturday, little man took his first steps!! He’s still pretty tentative about walking, but I know that won’t last long, and then he’ll be getting in to everything! We got our Christmas tree up yesterday, and J loves it. His favorite ornament is a key-shaped one that I bought last year to commemorate buying our house (can y’all believe we have already had our house for over a year?!).

That’s all around our house last week. Since I had to work Friday, we didn’t do any Black Friday shopping, so we still have lots of Christmas shopping to do!!

Bloggers – They’re Just Like You, Only Wordier

Do you ever feel intimidated reading your favorite blogs? I know I do. I mean, they seem to have it all together. They are great moms, they post healthy recipes, and perfect birthday parties, and Bible verses. They post lunches cut into fun shapes, and hand-crafted holiday home decor. They tell you how they make homemade eco-friendly cleaning products and grow organic gardens. What’s not intimidating about that?

It’s hard to imagine these women as real people, the kind of women you could be friends with. How could you ever let them come over to your barely decorated, toy-strewn living room for a non-organic glass of wine cup of coffee? Certainly your 12 dollar moscato store brand dark roast can’t measure up.

But I realized today that even though my favorite bloggers sometimes make me feel like I don’t measure up, we all feel that way sometimes. So to confirm you are not alone in your happy mess, here are some truths about my life.

I literally go 3 days between showers way more often than I would like to admit.

The dust bunnies that grow in this house could eat my child.

I have my hair in a ponytail, no makeup on, wearing my glasses 95% of the time – even when I go to work.

I almost never cook. This is part of the reason our diet is so unhealthy, and something I’m really working on, but I fail more often than I succeed.

If you show up at my house unannounced, I will likely ask you to leave because at any given moment there are dirty dishes and laundry strewn around. If you give me advanced notice, I can hide some of the aforementioned mess.

Home decor is something that just eludes me. I know what I like, but I have no idea what to buy and how to put things together so that the end result translates like I want. My solution is to just not decorate, but I want our house to look like we live here (of course, the pile of laundry probably suggests that).

My DIY craft projects look like they were made by a 6 year old with an addiction to glitter.

I rarely make homemade baby food, and I never cloth diaper, so I pretty much succeeded at almost nothing I planned to do as a mom.

It’s easier and more interesting to write about the nice, happy, fun things. No one wants the broken, we all want new and shiny. But we are all broken, we all fall short of the glory of God. We wake up each morning and do the best we can, and we don’t have to be perfect, on the Internet or in the real world. Give yourself some grace, because trust me, mama – you are already good enough.. All of these seemingly perfect lives you see on the internet? They’re not perfect. In fact, they’re just like you – only wordier.

A Busy Week

Make that a busy life.. I would be dishonest to say that I foresee it getting any less busy around here.

Last Friday, Jake had his 6 month checkup. He is now 18.5 pounds and 26 inches long. He is rolling, sitting, and doing something we are calling “scootching” which means when he lays on his tummy he can drag his body across the floor in a pre-crawling type motion. He babbles and laughs, gives kisses, and loves to hold books. As of last Saturday, his first tooth made it’s way through his gum to break the skin, but it is now taking its sweet time emerging any further. It is the most beautiful tooth I have ever seen, which clearly is a first time mom thing to think.

Last Sunday we visited a new church, but it was not a good fit for our family, which was disappointing. Jake and I attended a gender-reveal party for my childhood best friend. We found out she is having a boy, and her due date is exactly 1 year after Jake’s original due date. We are very excited for her, and can’t wait to meet her little guy.

I bought my hubby 2 new guns for his birthday/our anniversary and he loved them. Unfortunately, on my way home from the gun shop, I managed to get a giant hole in the side of my tire, and now I need new tires.

Our anniversary was Thursday, which just happened to be my off day so that was nice. We ordered a pizza and continued our most recent movie undertaking, which is to watch all of the Marvel Avengers movies in order. We are currently about half-way through Thor, which neither of us had ever seen.

I’m working all weekend, which is never a barrel of fun, but I’m hoping it won’t be too crazy. This weekend is tax-free weekend in Georgia because school starts back on Monday. Where did the summer go?! We managed to get 5 whole days off work together at the end of this month, which will be the first real time off we’ve had together since maternity leave ended, since we are actually only off work together 2 days a month and Brian still has to sleep some during the day then too.

And that is our life the past week.

The World We Live In

This post has been a long time coming. It has been growing in my head and in my heart for some time, and now it comes pouring out onto this page. It is long and passionate, and contains some controversial issues. If this post speaks to you, I hope you will share it with others, in the sincerest hope that, together, we can make a difference.

Several things have happened recently that really got me thinking. First, I watched Food, Inc. Then, I read that Walgreens is planning on moving its corporate headquarters to Europe to avoid being taxed as much. In addition to all that, I’m getting a front-row seat to someone choosing to throw away their marriage.

When did life become this way? In the hustle and bustle of everyday, sometimes I hardly even notice the seismic shift that has changed everything around me. Other days, my husband and I marvel at how different this world is than the one in which we grew up. I can hardly recognize this world, how am I to navigate it? More importantly, how am I to raise a child in it?

So much has changed. Almost no businesses are closed on Sundays, but it matters not, because less and less families are going to church anyway, so we may as well work more and more. The businesses we frequent have bad policy and bad service, but we continue to spend our money there, and we buy more and more to fill the void within. The foods we eat lack nutritional value and make us sick, but we eat more and more in an effort to find comfort and community.

Our entire world has become disposable. The newest phone has come out, so ours must be replaced, even if it still works perfectly. We get a raise, and rather than increasing our saving and our charitable giving, we upgrade our homes and our cars. If a marriage hits a rough patch, we walk away and start over rather than working things out together.

Our children are routinely exposed to the inappropriate and the vulgar in our culture, but because it is so commonplace, we don’t even blink an eye. They grow up with a sense of entitlement and no work ethic. Our homes are full of stuff, but our hearts are empty. We have no love for our neighbor, and none for ourselves. Our country is morally and financially bankrupt.

How can we make this right?

I don’t pretend to have the answers. All I know is that we have to find our way back. I would gladly trade my iPhone and Chick-fil-a drive-through for Mayberry. And I do know this much – it starts with us. Me and you, we can start the change for our kids and theirs.

For me, and for my family, that has a lot of meanings. First and foremost, it means we are going to put God first. We are going to value our family, and protect it. We are going to try to eat more healthy foods, and shop locally when we can. We are going to be good stewards of the life that God has granted us, and the resources He has provided. We are going to value people and time over money and possessions. We are going to continually seek His guidance and direction in our lives, and we are going to pray hard – for our family and yours, for the leaders in our churches, our communities, and our country. Maybe together, we can all find our way back.

Happy 4th!

Happy Independence Day! I am getting a rare day off work, and we will be cooking out on the grill, swimming, and spending some time with family today!
I hope y’all get to spend some time with loved ones, eat some good food, and above all remember that freedom doesn’t come free. Thank you to the men and women who serve this country daily, and thank you to Jesus for paying the price for our sins. Y’all be safe this weekend!