A New Day in the Life

My husband started a new job today. It’s actually the job he had when we were first married – he left because the pay and the benefits were both lacking compared to other similar jobs. But he was ready to go back to work as quickly as possible, so it was a pay cut and negligible benefits in exchange for a paycheck. I’m still conflicted on how I feel about the situation, but I support his decisions.

However, that means a whole new lifestyle for us. Never in our married life has Brian worked days and I’ve worked a full-time job, much less done it with a child in tow. There are certainly pros and cons. It will mean less time for us together as a family, but also a more consistent schedule for our son. It means an alarm clock going off at 4:15am for him, and again just 2 hours later for me.

I’m sad because I remember when he used to work this job, and I was still in school. I feel like I was so much happier then, at least in some ways. Of course, I’m so happy that we have our sweet Jake now, and he changed our lives for the best. But back then, I got to wake up with my husband and make his lunch. I was home when he arrived in the afternoons, and I cooked dinner for us to eat together. And we slept snuggled together in the bed at night. That was the kind of wife I wanted to be, and the kind of mom. But I can’t now, not with my job being so demanding and inflexible.

I’m hoping we will adjust to the new schedule and this new life quickly and seamlessly.

Allow me to explain…

I would like to begin by saying how humbled I am that any person in the world would come to this blog and read it. I am even more humbled that in the past month, although I haven’t posted at all, I’ve still been getting page views. Thank you to anyone and everyone that comes here to read the words I put to paper.
I have been away for a lot of reasons, some that I can talk about and some that I can’t. In the past month, my dad has had open heart surgery (CABGx3 for y’all that are familiar with medicine), cardiac arrest, and a minor stroke. Needless to say, my mom has needed help caring for him as he is recuperating, and in addition to that, I’m now working 2 jobs and caring for an almost 8 month old baby (when did he get so big y’all?). I figured that any spare time I had should probably be put towards basic life needs, like eating, sleeping, and showering when possible. I hope that things will calm down some for me soon, and I can be back more regularly!

A Quick Update

We have been busy around here lately, which really is nothing new. Jake’s half-birthday (which is how I have been referring to it after being informed that half-birthday parties are the thing right now) and the hub’s 30th birthday both hit last week. We were pretty lackluster with our celebrating due to the fact that we both work a ton, but we did go out to eat as a little family.
We are looking forward to taking some much needed time off next month, spending some family time together.
I’m looking very hard for a new job. The one I have now pays great, but there is no such thing as work-life balance. It’s a lot of crazy hours and a lot of stress. I’m hoping that I can find something with a more normal schedule so we can get some routine for Jake. Something where I could work from home would be ideal, but really anything with a better schedule would be an immense help to us.
That’s a quick update on us. Talk to y’all soon!!