Weaning Update

I just wanted to share a weaning update, since it’s been awhile since our last one.  My nipple tenderness from being pregnant was still making me squirm every single time Jake would latch on, so one night I asked him if he wanted a cup instead because mommy’s milk-milks had boo-boos.  He was very worried about them, so he agreed to just take a cup with some water that night, and asked for a cup instead the next night too.  On the following night, he once again asked to nurse, and I said yes.  So that pattern kind of continued, and Jake had gotten down to only asking to nurse to sleep every 2-3 nights and he would just nurse for a few minutes and then roll over and go to sleep.  Other nights he would ask for a cup sometimes, but not usually.  

After a few weeks (maybe 2?) of the every couple of nights routine, he had asked to go spend the night with my parents (his first night ever away from mama!!).  He did great and didn’t ask for milk at all!  Then, after he came home, he didn’t ask either…  Sometimes still he will ask if he can hold the milk-milks, which is fine with me for now.  But he doesn’t really request to nurse.  

It’s bittersweet, but honestly, probably good timing since he is almost 2 1/2 and our new little one will be arriving in a few months. I probably miss it more than him, because it was so easy to get him calm and get him to sleep when we were nursing.  And I miss that my baby isn’t such a baby anymore.  But, overall, we are both doing fine.  No engorgement or anything like that for me, which I hadn’t expected since our nursing had been gradually decreasing for some time.  Also, the breast and nipple tenderness that showed up with pregnancy is less aggravated, although still present, since we’ve stopped nursing.  My hubs is happy that Jake is done nursing, because he was really worried about how Jake would handle the baby needing to nurse all the time when Jake wanted to also.  

So, now I have officially nursed (and weaned!) a child for 28 months!